Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System for Home Reviews 2017 – (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Squeezing every tiny bit of water through a semi-permeable membrane rated at 0.0001 micron (equals to 0.00000004 inch!) , the Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System guarantees that you have access to clean, clear and great tasting drinking water at your convenience. This is the same technology used to make bottled water. Also capable of desalinating sea water, making it into drinking water.

When choosing the right product for your home, keep in mind that any water purifier is better than none at all. It’s just that some water purifiers are better than others. Price, in this case, is not always indicative of quality. Below you can find the comparison charts as well as the product reviews of the best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System currently in the market. Read on for the reviews below the charts based on the quality,performance and user ratings of the RO systems.

The Top Ten Systems

Rerverse Osmosis SystemsDimensionsStages of FiltrationPriceRating 
APEC Water Systems ROES-50

APEC RO-50 REVERSE osmosis system
16 x 5.2 x 17.5 in5$$5
APEC Water Systems RO-90
APEC RO-90 reverse osmosis system
15 x 7 x 18 in5$$$4.5
Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink
reverse osmosis system tmafc
20 x 16 x 13 in7$$$4.5
iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis System
i-spring reverse osmosis system
5.25 x 14.5 x 18.5 in6$$4.4
Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Undersink Reverse Osmosis System
reverse osmosis system tmhp
12 x 16 x 20 in9$$$$$4.6
Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Full Contact
reverse osmosis system tmafc-erp home master
12 x 16 x 20 in7$$$$4
iSpring RCC7 5-Stage 75 GPD Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis System
i-spring rcc7 reverse osmosis system
14.5 x 5.2 x 17.5 in5$4.2
APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Alkaline
apec roes-ph75 reverse osmosis system
5.25 x 16 x 17.5 in6$$4.2
APEC Water RO-PERM for Low Water Pressure Homes
apec roperm reverse osmosis system
7 x 15 x 20 in5$$$$4.4
Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage plus Extra Full Set- 4 Water Filter
express water ro5dx reverse osmosis system
16 x 14 x 5 in5$4


Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Reviews

APEC Water Systems ROES-50  


Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


This APEC  ROES -50, which is one of the best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, removes up to 99% of contaminants including arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, virus and other contaminants.

The APEC systems comes with all carbon block filters which guarantees contaminant absorption and water purity while others use inferior GAC filters for cost saving. Furthermore it comes with high quality and durable Leak-Free fittings which rids your tension of leakages. The systems also has a 100% Lead-Free chrome faucet.

This filter features 5 stages of water filter,as a result you get clean, refreshing crisp tasting water superior to bottled water. This System is noise free and is very easy to install given that you know basic plumbing. Finally the APEC systems are highly rated and the users tend to love it.


APEC Water Systems RO-90

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


The RO-90 is a Flagship APEC Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System having the same features and design as the previous one. The company guarantees to remove 99% of the contaminants with this system giving you clean and great tasting water.

It comes with double capacity filters that are designed to last double the lifetime of normal filters. Also the filters use the same all carbon block technology like the ROES-50. The flow rate of this system is higher than the previous system and it can purify water with twice the speed of normal RO systems.

This system uses the 5 stage filtration system. 1St stage removes dust, particles, and rust. Protects and extends the life of the membrane and system. 2Nd stage & 3RD gets rid of unpleasant chlorine, tastes, odors, cloudiness and colors.  4th stage Removes up to 99% of TOTAL dissolved solids (tds) and various contaminants.While the 5th stage filter removes any possible residual taste from the tank. Its designed to work noise free and is very easy to install. Consequently the overall user ratings are good.


Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


The TMAFC Artesian is a top rated reverse osmosis water filter which has a innovative design and assures filtration of 98% of chemicals, including chloramine, and other contaminants. It uses catalytic carbon filtration media in the carbon prefilters to treat the very persistent chemical disinfectant chloramine.

The TMAFC comes with Full Contact technology patented by Home Master that adds Calcium and Magnesium twice to the water in the whole purification process. It uses a innovative modular design which eases the filter replacement process and reduces microorganism and biofilm build up and also helps to eliminate leaks. The system comes with a Fast Flow RO kit which doubles the flow down the faucet filling your cup in half the time required by other systems.

This system utilises a 7-stage filtration system which purifies and adds minerals to the water, producing exceptionally pure mineral water on tap. The installation of the system is easy and can be done by anyone. Finally there are no complains from the users till now.


iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


The ispring RCC7AK is a great budget friendly system. It removes almost 99% of contaminants including chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, pesticides, pathogens and others. Furthermore it comes with alkaline re-mineralization filter consisting of calcite and Red mineral stones. Calcite balances pH and Red mineral stones reintroduce ionized minerals.

The system comes with a European styled faucet which looks very premium and is elegant addition to any kitchen. The RCC7AK has 75 GPD(Gallons per day) rating which ensures you have plenty of water. The first stage filter housing is transparent enabling to view the contaminants being removed from the water.

This RO system comes 6-stage filtration system. The first five are similar to normal 5-stage RO systems and the Sixth stage filter is alkaline re-mineralization filter. It comes with 4-color tubing set and a DIY installation video to ease out the installation process. While it takes about half an hour to install.


Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Home Master TMHP

This Home Master Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is the best in its class. It removes almost 98 % of the contaminants and also comes with Ultra Violet light filter which kills 99.9% of the micro-organisms. It is suitable for both tap and well water.

This system comes with Patented Full Contact Technology which adds calcium and magnesium minerals twice during purification process.It has a modular design and comes with a chrome faucet. A Fast flow RO kit which uses larger fittings, tubing and high-flow components, comes with the system.

Home Master HydroPerfection uses its most noteworthy 9-stages of filtration, purification, sterilization, and enhancement to produce unusually great clean water. It uses non-electric permeate pump which reduces the water wastage by 80% and increases the water production by 50%. The best tasting water is generated by this system.


Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Full Contact

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


This system is similar to the above mentioned Home Master TMAFC in both features and design. The only deference is the presence of permeate pump. This system comes with a non-electric permeate pump which reduces water wastage by 80% and increases water production by 50%.

So to sum it up quickly it is a modular RO system. It features a 7-stage of filtration and enchantment of water. It adds minerals like calcium and magnesium to water. Long lasting and easy-to-change filters. A Fast Flow RO kit comes with it which doubles the water flow. The installation is easy takes about a hour.It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.


iSpring RCC7 5-Stage 75 GPD Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


The ispring RCC7 is same as the RCC7AK with the exception of the alkaline filter. It removes almost 99% of the pollutants including including chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, pesticides, pathogens.

Furthermore the RCC7 comes with a European Style Brushed Nickel Faucet. In addition it has a 75 GPD (Gallons per Day) rating. The more water the better.

This system is a 5-stage purification system. It has a transparent housing for the first stage filter. Due to which you can inspect and view the sediment filter. Consequently it has additional protection of GAC and CTO filter. This helps the system to work at their maximum efficiency. It comes with a 4-coloured tube set and a DIY installation video to ease out on the installation process. In conclusion the RCC7 is a great buy in a less budget.


APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Alkaline

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


The APEC ROES-PH75  is one of the best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System from APEC. It removes almost 99% of bacteria, viruses, cysts, organics, chemicals & more.

The APEC systems comes with premium Long lasting filters which can be used to filter well or tap water. Furthermore it comes with Leak Free Fittings. This system has 75 GPD(Gallons per Day) rating which is great.

This system uses 6-stage filtration. The 1st Five stages are relevant to the normal 5-stage systems. While the most noteworthy sixth stage is the alkaline re-mineralization . This superiorly designed filter is made from high-purity calcium carbonate which raises the pH and adds pure minerals to the water. In addition the company gives Lifetime free tech support. Also they guide you through the installation process.


APEC Water RO-PERM for Low Water Pressure Homes 

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


The APEC RO-PERM is a high performance Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System best suited for low pressure homes. It removes almost 99% of contaminants including arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, virus and more.

This system is ideal for low pressure areas (30- 50 psi). It comes with a patented permeate pump technology. Due to which the pressure at faucet increases greatly. This leads to faster filling of the storage tank almost 2-3 times faster. This technology doe not require electricity as it uses hydraulic energy.

The RO-PERM has a 5 stage purification system. 1st stage removes dust, particles, and rust. Also Protects and extends the life of the membrane and system. Consequently 2nd Stage & 3rd Stage gets rid of unpleasant chlorine, tastes, odors, cloudiness and colors. Also removes VOCs and other common chemicals from the water. 4th Stage Removes up to 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and contaminants such as arsenic, lead, fluoride, chromium, radium, bacteria, viruses and much more. Finally the 5th Stage TCR (Total Contamination Removal) filter removes any possible residual taste from the tank. Highly recommended system for well water and low pressure tap water.


Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage plus Extra Full Set- 4 Water Filter

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


The Express water is another great brand for reverse osmosis systems. The RO5DX provides almost 99% removal of various contaminants like sand, dirt, silt, rust particles,chlorine and more.

The Express water features a 5 stage purification system. 1st Stage 5 Micron Melt-blown Polypropylene Sediment removes large and fine particles such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles. Consequently in 2nd Stage and 3rd Stage GAC Activated Carbon Filters: removes chlorine, odors and tastes of many organic compounds. Removes chlorine, tastes, odors, VOCs and other common chemicals. Furthermore in 4th Stage TFC Membrane is the main component of any Reverse Osmosis unit. Provides up to 99% reduction rate of bacteria & chemicals. Finally in 5th Stage Inline Granular Carbon Filter and Polishing filters Stabilize the water tasting qualities. Further removing any traces of bad tastes and odors.

The RO5DX comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Also they are giving extra four filters as spares for future replacements.


What is Reverse Osmosis?


Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter SystemReverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. In reverse osmosis, an applied pressure is used to overcome osmotic pressure. Reverse osmosis can remove many types of dissolved and suspended species from water. The result is that the solute is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane.The pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side.

An external pressure is applied to reverse the natural flow of pure solvent. The process is similar to other membrane technology applications. However, key differences are found between reverse osmosis and filtration. The predominant removal mechanism in membrane filtration is straining, or size exclusion. So the process can theoretically achieve perfect efficiency. Regardless of parameters such as the solution’s pressure and concentration. Reverse osmosis also involves diffusion, making the process dependent on pressure, flow rate, and other conditions. Reverse osmosis is most noteworthy for its use in drinking water purification from seawater and removing the salt and other effluent materials from the water molecules.

How does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Watch the video below that explains the working of APEC Reverse Osmosis system and will be helpful to visualize and understand the concept.

Basic Terminology Associated With Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

  • RO= Reverse Osmosis
  • GPD = Gallons per Day (flow rate)
  • PSI = Pounds per Square Inch (pressure)
  • TDS = Total Dissolved Solids (contaminants)
  • PPM = Parts per Million (unit used to measure TDS level)
  • TDS Meter = A digital meter for measuring the TDS level in the water

Pros and Cons of Reverse Osmosis Water Filters


  • Reverse osmosis water filters remove many bacteria and pathogens from tap water. Therefore, eliminating the risks of developing gastrointestinal or other types of illnesses associated with these types of pathogens and bacteria.
  • Removes taste and odours of chlorine. Makes tap water tastier as well as healthier.
  • Having an RO system saves the money on expensive bottled water.
  • The RO systems are energy efficient.
  • The occupy less space.
  • Food cooked with RO’s water tastes better.
  • They provide the purest water possible.


  • RO systems have excellent filtration capability which rids water of its healthy minerals too. So for this reason RO systems with re-mineralization filters are recommended.
  • RO water filter systems can become clogged, which is why it is a good idea to use it with a sediment pre-filter that will filter out particles that may otherwise clog or damage the RO membrane.

Difference between Reverse Osmosis and other Filter Systems

Reverse OsmosisUV Water PurifierUF Water Purifier
Requires electricity to workRequires electricity to workNo need of electricity
Removes dissolved saltsCannot remove dissolved saltsCannot remove dissolved salts
Has prefiltration to work with dirty waterWater must be clear for UV to workWorks with muddy dirty turbid water
Blocks and removes all germs and viruses from purified waterKills all germs including viruses, but their bodies remain in the waterBlocks and removes all germs and viruses from purified water


Which Reverse Osmosis System Will be Best for YOU?

The answer to this question depends on your requirements and conditions of water flow. Below are some factors that will help you decide your best system.

  • Type of Water-

    Whether you need the system for tap or well water you will have to choose your RO system accordingly that suits your type of water. But nowadays many RO systems suitable for both tap and well water have come into the market.


  • Flow of Water-

    If the water pressure at your home is low(30-50 psi) then RO systems with pressure increasing tool is required. The APEC RO-PERM system is great for such scenarios, reviews are above.


  • Re-Mineralization- 

    This factor depends on if you want a great tasting water or just “OK” tasting water. The systems with re-mineralization filter add healthy minerals to the water which were removed before by the RO membrane. Which results in giving you mineral water at your taps.


  • UV light filter-

    This filter is just an added precaution which in case help you when some viruses or bacteria gets pass the RO membrane. So its up to you if you want this added protection or not.


  • Rate Of Water Production- 

    This factor is the most important because this would decide how much purified water you can have in a day. This factor is shown as GPD(Gallons per Day) . A good system would be with 50 or higher GPD .


  • Warranty and Customer Service- 

    Although its not the most important thing to consider when you are making your purchase, but you should keep in mind that having warranty will mean that you will not have to pay a lot of money if something goes wrong over the first few years that you own the RO system. The more the warranty, the more peace of mind you can have.

The customer service is also important factor. Some companies offer lifetime free tech support which can be a great thing to have. Such companies tend to provide free spare parts or replacement on request. This shows that they value their customers.

How To Maintain a Reverse Osmosis System?

No doubt that the RO is a popular water purification system but it does need some frequent maintenance. So what does it take to maintain it?

Q.How often should I change the RO filters?

First of all there are different types of filters with varying lifespan used in the system. The carbon filter and the pre-filter cartridges has to be replaced every 6-9 months. While the RO membranes need to be replaced every 2-3 years. These mentioned are the basic filters used in every RO system. There can be additional filters depending upon its model.

Q.What if I don’t change the filters?

If you don’t change the filter, over time the system will begin to produce less and less water, ultimately not producing water at all. Decrease in water production is a strong indicator that you have reached the end of the filter and membrane useful life. Thus, it’s always a good idea to set a reminder and change the filters and membranes on schedule and orderly manner.

Q.Can a Water Softener damage an RO system?

No, it won’t damage the system. Water softener and an R.O. system are a great combination. The softener will soften the water throughout the home, and the RO system will remove 98% of all contaminants in the water. This duo makes for great-tasting drinking water.

Because calcium and magnesium, the minerals that make water hard, are difficult minerals for an R.O. membrane to remove, the softener acts as a protective barrier for the RO system. This protection keeps the RO system from damaging and can extend the life of the RO membrane.

Q.How often should i clean an RO system?

A complete system sterilization and recharge is highly recommended annually. Which can be done with help of local professionals or by consulting the owners manual.

Q.How Long will my RO system last?

If a reverse osmosis system is serviced and maintained properly, the system can last for 10-15 years. Given that you replace the filters and sterilize the system annually.


What is reverse osmosis water purification?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water.

Do reverse osmosis filters remove chlorine?

Reverse osmosis systems , with the carbon filters , does a very good job in absorbing contaminants including chlorine. So you don’t have to worry about chlorine in your drinking water.

How is RO water compared to bottled water?

Just as good or even better. Because all the major water bottling companies use the same RO technology. So there’s no difference in water.

I thought my city’s tap water was safe to drink?

Cities are in desperate need of replacement from old age and wear. Water contamination can occur at almost any point in the delivery channel including lead leaching from corroded pipe solder, bacteria entering the system from water main breaks, or gardening chemicals back-siphoned from a careless neighbor.

The best way to protect your family from the increasingly wide range of contaminants found in today’s tap water is by installing a reverse osmosis drinking water system.

When do we need to add a UV light to our system?

Main use of a UV light is to disinfect filtered water at a certain flow rate. Bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms are destroyed by the UV interfering with the DNA and RNA in the organisms’ reproductive cycles. This additional UV component is only required if you suspect your water source to be unsafe otherwise its not recommended.

Does the reverse osmosis process affect water pH?

Reverse osmosis filtration may or may not reduce the pH level of water at a noticeable amount. The pH difference after the RO depends on the composition of your input water source as well as the amount of gases such as CO2 in your local water supply.


Reverse Osmosis System is the best way of providing clean,clear and great tasting water. It removes all the contaminants and reduces sodium from soft water. You’ll stop buying bottled water because the water from RO is delicious , great for cooking and the ice cubes made from it are crystal clear. Many families who start using an R.O. find themselves drinking more water and less sugary juice, sports drinks, and soda.

The Reviews mentioned above have covered all the best products based on our thorough research,User feedback’s and amazon ratings. We hope that Our Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Reviews have helped you in your search of finding the best product for your home and offices.